Community Church Sign with Ground Lighting

Get your community church sign with ground lighting for night time visibility!

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The congregation in this church built a planter base structure using common landscape stone and gravel from Home Depot. Ground lighting was wired in PVC conduit (cheap!) under the small river stone, and (2) ground light fixtures were pointed upwards on both sides. This design with the landscaped base protects both the sign monument AND the lighting from weed hackers and mowers. Finding members in the congregation to perform these tasks saved this community church a small fortune!

We ar more than happy to work with your church on coming up with a solution on your budget.

Cheat Lake Community Church Ground Lighting - Day View

Cheat Lake Community Church Ground Lighting – Day View

And here is the church sign at night with exterior ground lighting fixtures:

Cheat Lake Community Church Ground Lighting - Night View

Cheat Lake Community Church Ground Lighting – Night View

Here is what our customer said about the end results:

“I promised to send you these photos once we installed! We absolutely love it!”

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We now offer commercial grade exterior LED grounding lighting fixtures! Ask your sales rep for details when completing your online contact form.

Sign Monument LED Ground Lighting Fixture

Sign Monument LED Ground Lighting Fixture

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