Church Sign Monument Light Boxes

This church in Florida shares its facilities with three congregations. We we asked to design and produce this church sign monument light boxes project as by sharing facilities, they are open at night. This required the sign light up at night, so we integrated a daylight sensor so the three light box cabinets turn on with the sun setting, and off again with the sun rise.

Here is our design of a sign column with faux masonry (stacked block stone pattern) and the three light box cabinets as ‘flags’ to match the modern architecture of the building:

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes - Design Concept

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes – Design Concept

Once the design was approved, we then began production. We allow our customers to be involved in the production process by showing photography of projects in progress. We welcome feedback in getting exactly the desired results!

Here is a picture of the church sign light boxes project after completion and all customer feedback:

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes Project - Day View

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes Project – Day View

And we of course take a night time view for approval before crating:

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes Project - Night View

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes Project – Night View

The customer wanted us to change the bottom two light box cabinet graphics before shipping, which we gladly performed without any additional fees. This was an easy fix for us as we design all of our sign projects to be easily maintained with changeable graphics in case the church logos ever change in the future.

Note that we also use LED lighting in our church sign monument light boxes. This LED lighting is not only half the costs of traditional fluorescent lighting, but is also twice as bright AND lasts 15+ years!

The church sign light box unit arrived fully-assembled with integrated steel posts ready to go in the ground. We even designed the shipping crate to make the installation easier as it would typically want to lean to the left.

After speaking with a couple members of the congregations, we were able to save the church a small fortune by walking them through installing themselves. This is the final result after they installed and plugged the church sign column with light box cabinets:

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes - Story Point Church Installed

Church Sign Monument Light Boxes – Story Point Church Installed

We will design your custom church sign monument light boxes with optional lighting (including electronic LED message boards) to your needs, then manufacturer your project in our facilities in Atlanta, GA. Once complete, we will send you detailed photography (and a night time view if it’s have integrated lighting). Once you approve, we crate and ship your business sign to your location. The unit will arrive fully assembled, ready to position in place.

If your sign project has lighting or LED panels, all wiring is pulled to a junction box, ready to plug in and play.

Our sign products arrive fully assembled, ready to position in place. We offer faux masonry such as brick and stone matching, embossed graphics that are vandal resistant, and other options such as:

We have fine-tuned every aspect of made-to-order sign monuments. You will be in touch with an experienced sign designer, seasoned in cost-effective solutions. We listen to your needs and deliver!

Our team will walk you through every stage of church sign monument light boxes, from design to installation, making the entire process simple and rewarding. We have sign monument examples in every climate imaginable, and are already set up as approved vendors in City Planning & Development Departments nationally, making Permitting a breeze. We are in fact the ONLY sign monument manufacturer that has yet to lose a single monument sign in ANY Gulf Coastal community in the past two decades’ hurricanes!

Our team is a collaboration of artists with decades of experience in the dimensional signage and monument industry. Your project suited to your needs. We will provide you with the most dynamically designed signage solution. We will help you to brand the individuality of your company or property.

Our focus is to design, produce, and deliver the Best sign products.

Our goal is to make you look your Best, and to save you unnecessary expenses.

We offer personal service, creativity and value.

Custom monument signs provide a sense of distinction and permanence to your property. Our sign monuments are the style most desired and required by municipalities nationwide for an all over better looking community. With over (2) decades of nationwide success, we will make You Look Your Best!

We welcome any challenge in custom entrance sign monument designs, and can produce anything you can imagine! Please use our online contact form to start your next sign project.

We look forward to working with you!

A Cost-Effective Solution To Sandblasted Signs

Traditional sandblasted signs are beautiful, but expensive in the long run.

Sandblasted signs used to be made of old-growth redwood because the 100+ year old wood had a beautiful spaced grain pattern that blasted well, leaving a contrast between the wood grain texture and the raised graphics. They stopped the harvesting of old-growth redwood a few decades ago, which lead sign manufacturers to come up with an alternative solution, one of which was cedar. The more recent was HDU (High Density Urethane).

• Cedar Sandblasted Sign – while similar in color as redwood, the grain pattern is tighter and doesn’t blast as well. Cedar is harvested young, and the seasonal expansion and contraction damages the finish. Regardless of what you are told, there is no commercial primer or topcoat finish that can withstand wood expanding or contracting. This means that just like the exterior of a wood house, a wooden sandblasted sign will have to be repaired and refinished every few years.

• HDU (High Density Urethane) Sandblasted Sign – this is a synthetic wood material that does not expand or contract, meaning the primer and top surface coats will stay intact for the longevity of the paint manufacturer’s specifications. HDU is an open-cell foam, without grain for structural support. HDU does last, and a faux wood grain pattern can be blasted into it, but there is a structural issue. You can walk up to HDU sandblasted signs and snap them into two pieces (on post application).

There are other factors to take into consideration. Let’s say your sign is 25 feet off the street and traffic is going by at 30 mph, or if you sign is located above your entry door on the facade.

• Do you think viewers will see the dimensional effects of the sandblasting?

• Is it worth the added expense for the sandblasted signs relief (3-D depth)?

Our experience in the field is that it is not worth the added costs of dimensional relief by sandblasting when looking at ROI (Return On Investment) when taking into consideration the maintenance costs and lack of distance visibility.

As with any technology, times change. We offer the ability to computer graphic design a sandblasted sign “look” that can be directly applied to a lifetime, maintenance-free product (such as sheet aluminum). It looks like a sandblasted sign with dimensional effects, but at half the cost.

This is an example of a church that had a dilapidated sign that needed replacing. Here are the before and after pictures:

Saint Gabriel's Church dilapidated sign that needs replacing.

Saint Gabriel’s Church dilapidated sign that needs replacing.

Saint Gabriel's Church aluminum sign panel to look like sandblasted sign, with changeable service hours and pastor name.

Saint Gabriel’s Church aluminum sign panel to look like sandblasted signs, with changeable service hours and pastor name.

As you can see, a little painting and minimal costs on new graphics makes this church look like new.

Contact our sales team with photography of your project and let us make a recommendation.