Break Away Faux Stone Sign Monuments for Beehive

Beehive is a national assisted living franchise with numerous locations. The entrances to these facilities typically have real brick and mortar block stone monument column marquees with suspended embossed sign panels under wooden post arms that welcoming incoming traffic. They require break away sign monuments, meaning if impacted by a vehicle, the sign will literally “break away” from its footer and not harm the driver.

There is an ongoing issue with sign monuments and liability for businesses (and all other entrance-style sign monuments including city municipalities). The monument owner may be liable for driver injury and vehicle damages incurred by vehicle impact, especially in fatal incidents. So if an elderly driver hits your sign and is injured – the facility owner may be liable.

There is a simple solution to this situation which is referred to as a “break away” style sign monument. This means on impact, the monument itself will literally break off the ground and move out of the way, causing minimal vehicle damage and preventing fatal injury.

All of our sign monuments are a break away solution, and in our company history there have yet to be any injuries on impact.

Beehive Homes franchise owners wanted to update their existing entrance marquee signs to a break away style solution, which we easily matched in our faux masonry (foam core base). Here is a picture of the original block stone (real masonry) column-style monument:

Beehive Block Stone Sign Column Monument. Break Away Sign Monuments.

Beehive Block Stone Sign Column Monument. Break Away Sign Monuments.

And here is our break away style sign monument column in faux masonry before it left our shipping docks:

Beehive Break Away Faux Block Stone Sign Column Monument. Break Away Sign Monuments.

Beehive Break Away Faux Block Stone Sign Column Monument. Break Away Sign Monuments.

As you can see the faux masonry is a fantastic match to the real stone and mortar. We attached the embossed sign panels we fabricated in a permanent method (versus hanging from chain) to prevent theft or wind damage.

Our sign products arrive fully assembled, ready to position in place. We offer faux masonry such as brick and stone matching, embossed graphics that are vandal resistant, and other options such as:

We have fine-tuned every aspect of made-to-order sign monuments. You will be in touch with an experienced sign designer, seasoned in cost-effective solutions. We listen to your needs and deliver!

Our team will walk you through every stage, from design to installation, making the entire process simple and rewarding. We have sign monument examples in every climate imaginable, and are already set up as approved vendors in City Planning & Development Departments nationally, making Permitting a breeze. We are in fact the ONLY sign monument manufacturer that has yet to lose a single monument sign in ANY Gulf Coastal community in the past two decades’ hurricanes!

Our team is a collaboration of artists with decades of experience in the dimensional signage and monument industry. Your project suited to your needs. We will provide you with the most dynamically designed signage solution. We will help you to brand the individuality of your company or property.

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Custom break away sign monuments are safe, and provide a sense of distinction and permanence to your property. Our sign monuments are the style most desired and required by municipalities nationwide for an all over better looking community. With over (2) decades of nationwide success, we will make You Look Your Best!

We welcome any challenge in custom break away sign monuments, and can produce anything you can imagine! Please use our online contact form to start your next sign project. We look forward to working with you!