Back-lit LED Sign Letters on Sign Monuments

Back-lit LED sign letters are a great way to get attention to your new sign monument. We integrate energy efficient LED lighting into channels in the back side of each letter. Once the letters are pin-mounted to ‘float’ off a backboard, the light escapes for a halo light effect.

Here is a typical example of an office park entrance sign we produced with blue halo back-lit letters:

Back-lit LED Letters - Blue Halo

Back-lit Blue LED Letters – Blue Halo Effect

To illustrate how the magic happens, let’s walk through our most recent project for a community in California (we ship nationally). Here is a picture of a monument we designed with back-lit LED sign letters:

Juliana's Garden Back-lit LED Letters - Day View

Juliana’s Garden Back-lit LED Letters – Day View

and here is what we showed the sign would look like lit up at night:

Juliana's Garden Back-lit LED Letters - Night View

Juliana’s Garden Back-lit LED Halo Glow Letters – Night View

Here is a picture of the entrance sign monument completed during the day time. The sign has faux stacked stone on the columns and a faux wood arched gable:

Sign Monument Back-lit LED Letters Halo - Day Time View

Sign Monument Back-lit LED Halo-Glow Letters – Day Time View

And of course the sign at night, all lit up:

Sign Monument Back-lit LED Letters Halo Glow

Sign Monument Back-lit Halo Glow LED Letters

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