Break-Away Monument Signs

There is a national upcoming requirement for what are known as break-away monument signs. Did you know that if a vehicle impacts a sign, regardless of driver reason, the sign monument owner could be responsible for not only vehicle damage, but liable in case of injury – or worse?

Our product eliminates liability by the “break away” solution, meaning the sign itself literally breaks away from its support brackets, saving the drivers’ life and minimizing the damage to the vehicle. Our solution still meets local Ordinance for footer inspections!

Here is an example of a break-away monument sign we completed this past week for an apartment complex where the sign monument is located in DOT right of way:

Break-Away Monument Signs 60 West Apartments

Break-Away Monument Signs 60 West Apartments

And here is another break-away monument sign recently completed for an HOA development:

Break-Away Monument Signs Whittaker Oaks

Break-Away Monument Signs Whittaker Oaks

We speak break-away requirements on all levels – from DOT standards down to your local City Code. Our goal is to protect You and your Investment.

Our team is a collaboration of artists with decades of experience in the dimensional signage and monument industry. Your project suited to your needs. We will provide you with the most dynamically designed signage solution. We will help you to brand the individuality of your company or property.

Our focus is to design, produce, and deliver the Best sign products.

Our goal is to make you look your Best, and to save you unnecessary expenses.

We offer personal service, creativity and value.

Custom break-away monument signs provide a sense of distinction and permanence to your property or City Entrance. Our break-away sign monuments are the style most desired and required by municipalities nationwide for an all over better looking community. With over (2) decades of nationwide success, we will make You Look Your Best!

We welcome any challenge in custom break-away entrance sign monument designs, and can produce anything you can imagine! Please use our online contact formto start your next sign project. We look forward to working with you!