Best Sign Monuments Technical Data Sheet

Expanded 1 lb Polystyrene

Description Test Method Results
Density, Minimum ASTM D303 1.15
Density, Range ASTM 1622 1.15-1.34
Thermal Conductivity @25F BTU ASTM C177 0.22
Thermal Conductivity @45F sq ft ASTM C177 0.235
Thermal Conductivity @75F F/in ASTM C177 0.255
Compression Strength ASTM D1621 13-18
Flexural Strength psi ASTM C203 30-38
Tensile Strength psi ASTM D1623 18-22
Shear psi ASTM D723 23-25
Water Absorption by Immersion ASTM C272 <4%
Thermal Expansion, in/(in.)(F) ASTM D696 0.000035
Oxygen Index, min, volume % ASTM C578 24%
Flame Spread ASTM E-84 20
Smoke Development ASTM E-84 150-300
Termite Resistance ASTM D3345 (mod) Passed
Carpenter Ant Resistance ASTM D3345 (mod) Passed


Hard Coat @ 60 mils 1 lb Expanded Polystyrene

Description ASTM Test 77 F 32 F
Impact Resistance G14 500 IN-lbs 350 IN-lbs
Elongation ASTM D412 400% 150@
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 3000 psi 2200 psi
Tear Strength ASTM D624 250 pli 150 pli
Flexibility ASTM D522 PASS PASS
Fire Retardant ASTM E84 PASS PASS


Synthetic Stucco Finish

Description Test Method Results
Freeze/Thaw ASTM C-67 No cracking, checking, crazing, erosion or other deleterious effects.
Freeze/Thaw ICBO AC24 No cracking, checking, crazing, delaminating, erosion or other deleterious effects.
Water Resistance ASTM D2247-94 No cracking, checking, crazing, blistering, erosion, or other deleterious effects.
Humidity Resistance ASTM D2247 No deleterious change in surface.
Mold Resistance ASTM D3273-94 No growth of mold observed.
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-968-93 No cracking, checking or loss of film.
Salt Spray ASTM B117-95 No cracking, crazing, blistering, erosion or deleterious effects.
Accelerated Weathering ASTM G-53 No surface changes such as cracking, checking, crazing or erosion.
Accelerated Weathering ASTM G23-93 No surface changes such as cracking, checking, crazing or erosion.
Fade Resistance ASTM D1729-89 Passed