Stone Sign Monuments – Entrance Signs

There are several considerations in starting (or revamping) your main entrance sign. If you want to look established and stand out in your community, you will need a monument style sign.

Post and panel signs are a cost effective temporary solution, but monument style signage are permanent and promote overall appearance. Monuments signs are becoming standard requirement in most municipalities nationwide.

Traditionally, entrance sign monuments were made in true masonry – meaning cinder block, brick and mortar. When an investment group develops a property, they typically set aside common materials in the buildings for front entrance signage use. This way everything has a uniform look. Unfortunately, signage is typically the last concern in property development.

Another concern in starting and entrance sign project is vehicle impact. Are you aware that if a drunk driver hits your entrance sign you are liable for injury and vehicle damage? It might seem ridiculous but in the majority of cases it is a fact. The advantage of our product is known as a ‘break away’ style signage system, meaning the monument physically moves upon impact without causing fatalities, yet can still withstand hurricane 130 mph wind load conditions.

All being said, let’s look at the costs – the most major factor in any construction or improvement project.

Traditional brick (or stone) requires an architect to design, and engineer to stamp off permitting, a general contractor to coordinate the mason to bring in the materials and produce, and a sign company to do the graphics. The costs add up very quickly, as well as the overall completion time. This is where we come in.

We recommend faux (imitation) masonry as the solution to both project costs and potential liability.

We Ship Nationally! With (2) hours effort on your end, you will save a lot of funds that could be used elsewhere in your project or development.

Longevity – True stone and mortar will eventually fail. The front rock pieces will come off of the back mortar ‘scratch coat.’ This is not an issue with our faux stone as the entire system is self-contained. This means you will get a lifetime use with no maintenance, and especially no pieces of rock falling off.

Here is an example of a main and side entrance sign monument with our faux masonry that matches other masonry on the property. Looks the same, but two people can easily pick up and move each structure.

Faux Stone Entrance Sign Monument - Blackhawk Apartments

Faux Stone Entrance Sign Monument – Blackhawk Apartments