Sign Monuments – Faux Masonry Relief Granite Finish

Faux Granite Sign Monument - North Woodland Hills

Faux Granite Sign Monument – North Woodland Hills offers faux finishes on all of our dimensional sign products, including masonry. We ship our products nationally, and all are design for simple installation using common household tools.

This sign example is made to look like a solid block of granite that was hand chiseled with text and logo artwork. This example saved our customer 50% over buying locally using a general contractor and brick mason.

We can produce sign monuments and architectural signage structures at any size and scale. Our artisan faux finish effects save a fortune compared to true stone and mortar hand-tooling or even sandblasting. Our product weighs much less than stone, and still lasts a lifetime with maintenance free use.

Contact our design department with your current architectural project renderings and we will offer a cost-effective solution that is a one-stop shopping solution that will save you money, time in production, and will make you look your Best.

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