Mixing Media – Stucco, Stone and Tile Sign in Faux.

This customer wanted a unique entrance sign monument for their senior living community. Everyone on their Board wanted something different, so we mixed them all in a design that complements the architecture of the buildings.

The base is faux rock we produced from photography of stones that are native to the area. This board member we to a local paint store and pulled color swatches of the stone. After four colors were matched, the color name and color code was emailed to us for our artists to match in production.

Another board member wanted decorative tiles embedded in the side columns. We could have matched the design, but the customer was particular about them being an exact match to the entrance gate. The solution was simple – several of the times were shipped to us and we installed them in recessed areas as shown. We sealed the grout and it’s all good to go!

Another board member wanted a very script typeface, so our design dean developed a new logo using a southwestern color pallet. Once completed, we exported the logo for their use on the community newsletter and all print collateral. Some of our designers have vast experience in commercial printing, other on our team are fluent in web and interactive media. In any case, we are here to help!

De Palma Terrace Senior Living Community Sign Monument

De Palma Terrace Senior Living Community Sign Monument