LED Signs – Electronic Message Boards

P-10 Full-Color LED Message Boards

P-10 Full-Color LED Message Boards

We now offer electronic message boards. LED (light emitting diode) technology is a low-voltage, very bright light away to advertise.

Our LED cabinets are for both indoor and (most common) outdoor use. The steel cabinets are water tight and weather proof with a power coat finish. They have built in ventilation systems with front-access to all internal components.

The overall screen is broken up into individual LED modules that are changeable (in the odd case of damage).

Our LEDs are plug and play, meaning you connect to a 120 volt power source (electrical outlet) and are ready to program. We include a brand new laptop, pre=programmed with LED controller software. We also offer complementary initial training and 24-7 tech support. We install remote control software (TeamViewer) for the laptop so a technician can log in and train you, and test/repair and issues from headquarters.

Our LED cabinets are easy maintenance. They self-cool, so you only need to keep the displays free of debris. We offer integrated data connections (plug in an ethernet cable directly from the computer) as well as wi-fi antennas with a range up to 1.5 miles (with clear line of site, meaning no trees or buildings in the way between antennas). Wi-fi access means you do not have to dig up your parking lot or established landscaping to control your new LED panels.

You have the ability to upload images, text in any font, and even videos!

Our LED panels have a (5) year warranty with an expected 20,000 hour lifespan.

Call us for a quote. You will find we offer the highest resolutions at the best prices, and our LEDs are made in the USA with USA tech support.

LED Cabinet Open - Internal Power Supplies and Wiring of Modules

LED Cabinet Open – Internal Power Supplies and Wiring of Modules

Industry Terms:

You should be aware of common mechanics and terms used before investing in an LED message board:

• P-10: P is for pitch, meaning the distance in millimeters between each pixel. Note: P-10 is a BETTER resolution than a P-16. Because the pixels are closer together, you get more pixels (or higher resolution) in the same size area.

• Full-Color: 1R 1G 1B – one red, one green and one blue LED crystal in a triangle to make a single pixel (industry standard). Your TV at home is in RGB as is your computer monitor.

• Power Supplies: Our power outlets are 120v, but LED pixels only require 5v to operate. This is why they are so energy efficient! All LED message centers have built-in power supplies that transform 120v to 5v, then power each of the divided LED modules in the matrix. We do not overload power supplies by making one power supply power all grids, but rather split the electrical load over multiple power supplies to make the cabinets electrically solid and sound.

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