How to Install Individual Cut Letters & Logos

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to install our individual letters and logos:

Items Included in Your Shipment:
a. Individual letter/s
b. Paper Template
c. Stainless Threaded Rods (or ‘studs’)
d. Tube of Adhesive

Install Routed Letters & Logos with Studs

Install Routed Letters & Logos with Studs

(1) Remove all contents from the packaging and place on the ground in correct order (spelling).

(2) Tape paper template in place on the wall. Be sure to step back and make sure it’s level and centered.

Cut the excess off the paper template may make things easier, but note the graphics are square to the paper.

(3) Drill through all the holes indicated on the paper template using a 3/16” masonry bit.

(4) Dip and end of each ‘stud’ into the open end of the adhesive tube (included in packaging), then screw into the back of each character hole you plan to use.

*NOTE: There are more pre-drilled holes in the back per character than required to hold the letter in place. We do this should your installation have issues with drilling into the facade because something is in the way from drilling the hole. Example – It is OKAY to only use 3 out of any 4 holes for ‘studs’ per character.

(5) Once all ‘studs’ are in a character, dip the receiving end of each stud end into the open end of the tube, then ‘pop’ the character/element into position, working your way across.

*NOTE: Leave the paper template in place during this process – it will help you ensure proper placement as the outline of each element is included on the paper template.

* SUGGESTION: You can leave them sticking off the wall with a gap to make them appear to ‘float’ off the wall. This will create a drop shadow with the sun, and will make the letters more visible. Keep the ‘gap’ consistent.

(6) Once everything is in place, rip the paper template away. Excessive adhesive can easily be cleaned up at this time.

Should ANY issues arise during this process, feel free to contact our Design Department:

800-735-7209 ext. 2

Additional Notes:

• The hole placements in the back of each character are on horizontal lines that should match the mortar joints in
the brick facade.

• If holes don’t match mortar joints, feel free to drill 3/16” hole 1/2” deep in the letter to get a stud where you want it.
To prevent drilling too deep, wrap tape around your drill bit marking 1/2” so you know to stop drilling when you
hit the tape.

• Optional – you can try to use 3M double stick tape on the backs to hold each letter in place while the adhesive dries overnight (if you want to ignore using the studs mounting), but it may not stick to the brick very well!