Wentzville, Missouri Historic District LED Sign Monument

The City of Wentzville, Missouri contracted best sign monuments to produce their Historic Downtown sign monument with full-color P-10 LED panels.

Wentzville Sign Monument with Full-Color LED

Wentzville Sign Monument with Full-Color LED

This custom sign has integrated programmable LED panels on both sides. With all of our LED sign solutions, a new pre-programmed laptop and wireless (wi-if) controller access was included. Our LEDs are made in the USA and have 24-7 toll free tech support.

This entrance sign has faux brick and The community organizations who sponsored the project are honored with circular dedication plaques embossed in the columns.

Wentzville Historic Downtown Sign Monument with Full-Color LED panel Open

Wentzville Historic Downtown Sign Monument with Full-Color LED panel Open

We make everything in house and ship sign projects fully assembled. This client need only to position the unit and connect the 3 wires to the integrated junction box to a dedicated power feed. The LED functions like on and off, dimming the brightness at night, time and even daylight savings time are all controlled by the pre-programmed laptop. We’ve taken all the difficulties associated with programmable LED panels and simplified all processes into what our clients describe as both “easy to program” and “fun to play with.”

Property Developer Sign Projects

We have recently added a property developer in Maryland to our family of clients!

Here are pictures of the first two properties we produced community entrance sign monuments for. Our clients love that all the design, engineering, and production are under one roof. We are truly a one-stop solution and take everything off our clients’ plate.

Community Entrance Sign Monuments

These are the main entrance signs for Spencer Woods, a townhouse community in Maryland.

Our clients also love that our production methods allow for multiple materials and finishes to be integrated in our signage structures. Most importantly for developers, they can easily install our products themselves, or enlist their landscape contractor to install for them.

Community entrance sign monument for Gablers Shore. This is our signature "wave" model.

Community entrance sign monument for Gablers Shore. This is our signature “wave” model.

Our clients especially enjoy the savings over local contractors using traditional brick and mortar. Our sign monuments are typically one third cheaper, and with a 3-4 week turn around we are typically faster than a local general contractor.

Please complete or online contact form for a free estimate on your next sign project.

Watchfire Announces Winners of Third Annual LED Sign Awards

Eden Resort in Lancaster, Penn., wanted a sign that would capture the essence of their property and allow them to advertise their many events and services. The experts at W.J. Stricker Signs, Inc., recommended a Watchfire display as part of a creatively designed and professionally fabricated one-of-a-kind digital sign. The workmanship and creative use of LED signage earned W.J. Stricker Signs, Inc. of New Oxford, Penn., the Grand Prize in the 2017 Watchfire LED Sign Awards.
W. J. Strickler Signs Inc. won the Grand Prize in the 2017 Watchfire LED Sign Awards with this sign made for Eden Resort. (Photo Credits: Watchfire Signs) 
Watchfire Signs established the awards program in 2014 to recognize Watchfire dealer partners who best showcase the capabilities of outdoor digital advertising. The third annual awards recognize on premise signs installed in 2016 that display excellence in design, legibility of digital messages and advertising effectiveness.
The Eden Resort sign used a Watchfire 12mm, full color display sitting directly below an ID sign made of routed and beveled aluminum, all atop 40-foot-tall pylons. The ID sign’s channel letters on the face are internally illuminated with standoffs, and backlighting is done with LED light sticks.
“Watchfire listens intently to our dealer partners to provide high quality digital signs that can be installed in many ways, so sign shops are only limited by their imaginations when it comes to sign designs that will have the greatest impact. We feel it is important to recognize our dealer partners who focus on promoting the strengths of digital advertising,” said David Warns, Watchfire’s vice president of On Premise Sales. “We all share the same goal: to bring timely, relevant advertising to mass audiences while still maintaining the artistry that has been a hallmark of sign shops for decades. We want to call attention to those who are doing it best, and we congratulate W.J. Strickler Signs, Inc. and all of this year’s winners.”
For a complete list of winners, visit: http://www.watchfiresigns.com/signawards.

The Difference Between Monuments Signs and Pylon Signs

What’s the Difference Between Monument Signs and Pylon Signs?

When discussing the appropriate signage to attract the attention of motorists, the graphic artists at Blink Signs frequently suggest the installation of pylon or monument signs for Cleveland business owners. Both signage solutions advertise your company’s presence, brand via the display of your logo and corporate colors, and succeed in catching the eye of drivers. That said, some of our clients feel compelled to switch out their monuments when a nearby business installs a pylon. Should you?

In a word: height. The common monument sign is no taller than about five feet. It displays your message at eye height and incorporates beautifully with your landscaping. The pylon is tall and catches the eye of folks that are still quite a distance away. In fact, most pole signs are taller than the buildings that house the businesses they advertise.

Doesn’t This Make the Pylon the Perfect Sign?

No, it does not. Consider for a moment a neighborhood with a mixed zoning pattern. Residential homes or apartment buildings mix with storefronts, banks, and similar businesses. Having a super tall pylon in this setting makes the company stand out – but not in a good way. It just does not fit the character of the neighborhood.

When Should I Opt for a Pylon?

If your business is located in an industrial area where distances between manufacturing plants and storage facilities measure in city blocks, it makes sense to erect a pylon and alert motorists in search of your company to your location. A pylon is also a good idea when your business is one of many that are situated along a highway, interstate or four-lane road. Vehicles travel at higher speeds, and catching the eye of drivers earlier is to your advantage.

Remember also that you do not have to opt for the tallest pylon that we can manufacture. Mall management companies like to use pylons to display the names of the stores doing business at their venues, but they do so with signage that is of moderate heights and, therefore, suits the character of the area. Most business clients who order pylon signs will opt for lit versions to enhance the visibility of their messages.

How Do I Know that a Monument is Right for Me?

If you are located along a two-lane road, a four-lane road with a lower speed limit or within a more residential setting, a monument is a good option. Moreover, remember that you have options concerning the display of your company’s information, which can increase the visibility of your marker. For example, installing a digital reader board lets you change your message and catch the eye of motorists in this manner. Lit box cabinets and channel letters also work well.

Discussing Monument and Pylon Signs in Cleveland with an Expert

Contact our graphic artists for more information on these signage solutions. We welcome the opportunity to visit your location and conduct a site survey. At that time, we also investigate the signage used by your nearest competitors. During our consultation, we can offer you suggestions regarding the ideal height for the signage advertising your business.

How To Install A Sign Monument with Concrete Footer

While we proudly advertise that our custom sign monument solutions do not require a concrete footer (they are designed and produced to rest directly on the ground), we do run into situations where a concrete footer (or concrete slab) is required by local Code.

Our installation kits include schedule 40 steel pipes, which go below grade in all installation applications, the rest post length goes up into the monument itself. As you can see in this example, a simple wood form was created, the pipes positioned, then QuikRete Concrete mixed and poured in place. The next step is to lift the sign monument and slide it down the step pipes. We decide our wooden form to accept the sign monument while the concrete was still wet (ask our experts). Due to the height of this particular project, we used a lift to get the monument up in the air with ease.

Here are pictures of the project throughout the installation process.

Sign Monument Concrete Slab & Footer Installation

Sign Monument Concrete Slab & Footer Installation

Sign Monument Installation with a Bucket Truck Lift

Sign Monument Installation with a Bucket Truck Lift

DFACS Sign Monument Installed on Concrete Footer & Pad

DFACS Sign Monument Installed on Concrete Footer & Pad

Sign Monument Re-Vamp – Primrose Schools

We are often asked to update an existing sign. To save costs, our sign design team uses as much of the existing structure that is in place, repairing any damaged areas as needed.

This example shows the “before” of a brick & mortar sign monument with recessed concrete area for lettering, and the “after” where we made a specifically sized insert panel to fill the area and cover the damage. We added a 3-D embossed “coin” with the logo up top to modernize the overall appearance.

Primrose Schools Sign Monument Before

Primrose Schools Sign Monument Before

Primrose Schools Sign Monument After

Primrose Schools Sign Monument After

Mixing Media – Stucco, Stone and Tile Sign in Faux.

This customer wanted a unique entrance sign monument for their senior living community. Everyone on their Board wanted something different, so we mixed them all in a design that complements the architecture of the buildings.

The base is faux rock we produced from photography of stones that are native to the area. This board member we to a local paint store and pulled color swatches of the stone. After four colors were matched, the color name and color code was emailed to us for our artists to match in production.

Another board member wanted decorative tiles embedded in the side columns. We could have matched the design, but the customer was particular about them being an exact match to the entrance gate. The solution was simple – several of the times were shipped to us and we installed them in recessed areas as shown. We sealed the grout and it’s all good to go!

Another board member wanted a very script typeface, so our design dean developed a new logo using a southwestern color pallet. Once completed, we exported the logo for their use on the community newsletter and all print collateral. Some of our designers have vast experience in commercial printing, other on our team are fluent in web and interactive media. In any case, we are here to help!

De Palma Terrace Senior Living Community Sign Monument

De Palma Terrace Senior Living Community Sign Monument

City of Rockwood, Tennessee – Entrance Sign Monument

Rockwood, TN City Entrance Sign Monument

Rockwood, TN City Entrance Sign Monument

The City of Rockwood, Tennessee was looking for a unique sign monument to greet visitors as they enter the City. The wanted a rustic looking sign with a rock base and the ability to change the graphics to promote upcoming City events.

This sign base is a great example of our faux masonry. It looks like real hand-tooled stone with the letters embossed down into the texture. Our faux is less expensive than real rock, and we have better control of the results than true rock.

We used rough grade cedar for the posts, and the graphics are banners that simply change by sliding them off the connecting rods.

Individual Routed Sign Letters

Individual routed sign letters are the ultimate in cost-effective signage solutions. Cut sign letters can be made from a wide variety of sign materials including PVC (plastic), wood, foam, HDU (Sign Foam), metals, and acrylics.

Here are illustrations of some typical sign letter applications:

acrylic sign letters

acrylic sign letters

prismatic routred sign letters

prismatic routed sign letters

CNC Routed PVC sign letters

CNC Routed PVC sign letters

Our individually computer routed sign letters are made to order in your choice of material, thickness and finish. Our sign letters can be mounted to any interior or exterior facade material, and will provide a lifetime of maintenance free use.

Best Sign Monuments stocks an endless supply of sign materials, sign finishes, and typefaces for individual sign letter fabrication. We have your every need, and all under one roof.

Development Entrance Identity Sign Monuments

Development Entrance Identity Sign Monuments

Complete Monument Sign Solutions. Made to order, made to impress.

We are your one stop graphics shop for all business, commercial, and residential monument signage. Your sign monument is the first thing a potential customer sees when visiting your establishment. Make sure you make the right first impression with one of our dimensional sign products.

We can provide your business with a variety of custom entrance signage solutions to fit your every need. From entrance signs to no soliciting signage to ward off those annoying sales people, Best Sign Monuments has a solution for you.

By combining our knowledge in the construction industry with our graphic design talents, we have developed the perfect sign solution for both commercial and residential monument signage applications. Our custom stucco sign monuments are designed to tailor any need. Examples include monument signs with changeable tenant panels, church identity monuments, school and educational facility sign structures, business park entrance monuments, monument signage with changeable reader boards, you name it!

Over two decades of experience has fine tuned our monument signs project process from start to finish. We have sign monument examples in every climate imaginable, and are already set up as approved vendors in City Planning & Development Departments nationally, making Permitting a breeze. We are in fact the ONLY sign monument manufacturer that has yet to lose a single monument sign in ANY Gulf Coastal community in the past two decades’ hurricanes!

We are a truly unique graphic design house in that all production stages of our architectural signage structures are performed in-house. Our facility houses master sign artists in every area of monument sign design and fabrication. Award winning graphic designers take or create your corporate identity and offer suggestions that will minimize costs and maximize complements.

Best Sign Monuments stocks an endless supply of sign materials, and is always up to date with the latest sign industry technologies. From fabrication to finishing, shipping to storage and fulfillment… we have your every need, and all under one roof.


We thank you for your interest in our custom stucco sign monuments. Best Sign Monuments continues to be the sign industry leader in all dimensional style sign solutions. No matter what your need, we have you covered… and will make you look fantastic!